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Coin flipping game from IMO 2019
Solution to my favorite problem from the IMO 2019
Iterative homogenization by elimination
Article derives an algorithm which allows to find the best possible approximation to a discrete uniform distribution when only elimination of the items is allowed.
The mathematical necessity for beautiful solutions
In this article, I want to share one simple problem that I've encountered in the calculus book and one beautiful result that could be obtained from it.
Expected value of the unusual game of darts
Solution for the puzzle introduced in the Numberphile video named 'Darts in Higher dimensions'
Game with 8x8 LED matrix on Arduino
A simple game I created on Arduino with 8x8 LED matrix on a single breadboard
Saving partial Machine Learning results with Checkpoints
Share Documentation Between Classes and Functions in Python
Neural Networks in MySQL
Training Neural Network in pure MySQL
Approximate Standard Normal Distribution CDF